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Renovate Fume Hood Exhaust System - Illinois State University
Project Number: 821-010-121

Client: Capital Development Board

Location: Normal, IL    

Description: Replacement of 224 fume hood exhaust air valves, dampers, controller(s), 79 VAV terminals with hydronic reheat, and removal of associated stand-alone pneumatic controls. The new DDC control system must communicate with the University's central building automation software system. The work also includes installation of new sash sensors, fume hood displays on approximately 205 existing fume hood workstations. Project includes general, ventilation, heating and electrical work.

Estimate: Not Available

Pre-Bid Date/Time:16-NOV-2022, 1:30pm
Pre-Bid Location:College Place
100 S Fell Avenue
Normal, IL
Second floor conference room 228

Bid Date/Time: 07-DEC-2022, 5:30pm
Bid Location: Due to the COVID-19 Emergency, bids will only be accepted via mail or email.

Refer to the advertisement for bid for details.

The public bid opening will be conducted on FRIDAY, December 9, 2022 at 10:00am prevailing time via WebEx.

Project Manager: Tim Gilles

Project Contact: Tim Gilles  (


Plan Holders List is Updated Daily by 10:00am CST


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