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0231334.00 Pekin Park District - Parkside Fitness Restroom Renovation
The project consists of renovating the men’s and women’s locker rooms, as well as an adjacent corridor space, totaling approximately 2000 SF. It incorporates locker rooms, showers, ADA upgrades, and sauna replacement(s). Work includes providing all labor, supervision, materials, supplies, transportation, tools/equipment, services and associated work for this project as set forth in the Contract Documents. This project will be performed as Design/Build.
Pekin, IL 21-MAY-2024

0211211.07 Vermilion Housing Authority (VHA) - Vermilion Housing Authority Fair Oaks Park Apts Renovation
This project consists of construction of complete interior and exterior renovation of a two-story multi-bedroom units (1021-1035 Belton Dr.), and exterior renovation of 2 other two-story buildings, (1000-1020 Belton Dr. and 1000-1018 Campbell Ln.), generally including all labor, supervision, materials, supplies, transportation, equipment and services necessary and required as set forth in the contract documents.
1000-1035 Belton R, 1000-1018 Campbell Ln. Danville, IL 28-MAY-2024

0220610.00 Danville Public Building Commission - Danville PSB Parking Lot Rehabilitation
This project consists of construction of removal of existing asphalt pavement, installation of new asphalt pavement, concrete curb repair, pavement sealing, crack sealing, and pavement marking.