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0221677.00 City of Red Bud - Red Bud Ratz Park Revitalization
This project consists of limited demolition, construction of a new splash pad, restroom facility, playground areas, various park site improvements, and landscaping.
Red Bud, IL 04-OCT-2023

022MUN0076.00 City of Nokomis, IL - Water System Improvements 2023-Concrete Detention Tank Rehabilitation
The work generally includes furnishing materials, equipment, and labor for a complete exterior restoration of the existing concrete detention tank and rehabilitation of an existing raw water meter vault with installation of new process piping and chlorine injection tap. The general work will include but not limited to cleaning and surface preparation, filling and injection grouting, patching, resurfacing, coating, finish coats, and surface restoration. This work shall include all labor, supervision, materials, supplies, transportation, equipment, waste disposal, and services necessary and required to perform the project as set forth in the Contract Documents.
Nokomis, IL 12-OCT-2023

0190154.14 Southwestern Illinois College - Southwestern Illinois College Lynx Lodge Renovation
Renovations to the Lynx Lodge. Work to include demolition of architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical items with renovations to the same for reconfigured and refinished spaces.
Belleville, IL 24-OCT-2023

0221436.00 City of Effingham - Phase II - Ford Avenue Sanitary Sewer Extension
The work generally consists of installation of a new sanitary sewer and manholes for the City of Effingham. The proposed sanitary sewer is being installed to extend the existing sewer on the north side of Interstates 57/70, east of the termini of Ford Avenue. The extension will be west along the existing Ford Avenue ROW and or Easements.
Effingham, IL 30-OCT-2023

0201528.00a City of Newman - Water System Improvements
Division A: Elevated Water Tower Rehabilitation - The work generally consists of stripping and repainting the whole interior of the tower and spot cleaning, rehabilitating, and over-coating the exterior of the tower. The elevated water tower is 150,000-gallon spheroidal tank.
Division B: Iron Filters Rehabilitation - The work generally consists of removal and replacement of the filtration media and diffuser nozzles in the three (3) iron water filters.
Newman, IL 21-NOV-2023

0220009.00 Bloomington Normal Water Reclamation District - Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant Biological Phosphorus Removal Imp
Major rehabilitation, repair, and new improvements at the Owner’s Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant. Existing wastewater plant infrastructure expansion, rehabilitation, and repair will include, but not be limited to work in the Headworks building (screw pump rebuild, mechanical screen rebuild), Primary Influent Lift Station (pump rebuild), secondary treatment system (three new anaerobic selectors, new anoxic and aeration basin, new equipment), Sludge Pump/Blower Building (new aeration blowers and WAS holding basin blowers, RAS pump replacement), Tertiary Filter Building (replacement of tertiary filtration equipment and UV equipment), and Residuals Building (new dewatering screw press, cake conveyor system rehabilitation). The project includes three new buildings: Inventory Building, Chemical Feed Building, and Aeration Basin Electrical Building. The Project generally incorporates improvements to site grading and piping, electrical, controls, architecture, mechanical and plumbing.
Bloomington, IL 01-DEC-2023