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0200869.01 Livingston County Housing Authority - Livingston Apartments Masonry Repairs
Livingston Apartments Masonry Repairs, Pontiac, IL generally including all labor, supervision, materials, supplies, transportation, equipment and services necessary and required as set forth in the Contract Documents.
Pontiac, IL 28-APR-2021

0210115.00 Village of Mahomet - South Mahomet Road Utility Extensions
Construction of 2 divisions of work, Division 1- Sanitary Sewer and Division 2-Watermain. The Sanitary sewer work consists of approximately 6,645 LF of deep 8”, 18”, and 21” sanitary sewer, 13 sanitary manholes, and associated additional items. Upon evaluation of the soils, dewatering is anticipated and a general plan for the discharge location is included in the plans. The watermain work consists of approximately 4,650 LF of 10” watermain, 8 fire hydrants, a bore underneath the Norfolk Southern Railway, and associated additional items.
Mahomet, IL 03-MAY-2021

S19016 University of Illinois - Springfield - UIS VPA Sloped Roof Replacement
Demolition of existing clay arts addition on the south side of the VPA building and construction of a new clay arts addition in same location. New addition is pre-engineered steel structure with insulated metal panel exterior walls and roof, concrete footing, floor slab, perimeter curb and frost apron and thermal aluminum storefront with insulated glazing. Work includes fire-rated & non-fire-rated partitions, fire-rated & non-fire rated hollow metal frames and doors, PVC wall panels, high-performance paints, new light fixtures, HVAC work, plumbing and all other items indicated on the contract documents.
University of Illinois -Springfield 04-MAY-2021

0201529.00 Silex R-1 School District - New Classroom Additions
This project consists of work associated with the following: Two new building additions, (1) on the North side of the Elementary School and (1) on the East side of the High School. The Elementary School addition includes (2) classrooms, each with a single restroom. The High School addition includes a vestibule, (4) classrooms, and stairs to the exterior.
64 State Highway UU, Silex, MO 63377 11-MAY-2021

104-015-013 The State of Illinois, Capital Development Board (CDB) - Lodge Repair at Black Hawk Historic Area
The Black Hawk Lodge/Museum is a 25,000 square foot, 2-story building constructed in 1935; the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Work includes new heating and cooling system with digital controls, including precise humidity control for the artifact room and new electrical service. All demolition work of the existing systems that are to be removed shall be included, as well as patching and painting of the disturbed areas. Included will be replacement of window/entry assemblies, replacement of exterior wood siding, reconstruction of terrace guardrail, and replacement of exterior exit stair. Tuckpointing and replacement of select stone at upper chimney areas is included. Work also includes repair and replacement of historic clay tile roofing and new EPDM.
1800 46th Ave. Rock Island, IL 12-MAY-2021

0190786.00 Village of Arthur - Hersch Manor Pump Station Rehabilitation
The work generally consists of removal of the existing piping, pumps and controls of the existing pump station, and then furnishing and installing new piping, valves, pumps, and controls for the Village of Arthur.
Arthur, IL 13-MAY-2021

0201920.00 DeWitt County Housing Authority - Countryside Apartments Roof Replacement
Countryside Apartments Roof Replacement in Clinton, IL generally including all labor, supervision, materials, supplies, transportation, equipment and services necessary and required as set forth in the Contract Documents.
Clinton, IL 14-MAY-2021

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