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Project Number Client Name - Project Name - Description Location Bid Date

0170677.28 Robinson CUSD #2 - High School FCS Classroom Renovation
This project consists of construction of renovating the existing FCS classroom to become more efficient. The existing sewing room across the corridor will include minor renovation.
Robinson, IL 24-APR-2024

0221667.00 Village of Mahomet - Main Street Streetscape Improvements
Streetscape improvements of 348 feet on Main Street including PCC pavement, combination curb and gutter, PCC sidewalks, concrete unit pavers, various colored PCC items, landscaping, and lighting.
Main Street - Mahomet, IL 01-MAY-2024

0200306.02 Bond County CUSD #2 - Bond County Paving Improvements
The Project Consists of Paving work at various locations throughout the district. Maintenance & patching of paved areas, as well as new sidewalk & paved parking lot construction at the following locations: Greenville High School, Junior High, and Pocahontas Elementary School. Additional Notes:
1. Any additional scope of work or change order modification will need to be approved by Owner and documented by GRP Wegman as accepted before work is planned/implemented.
2. Trucking and hauling debris is the sole responsibility of the awarded Contractor, up to and including road damage and debris cleaning.
3. All contractors to follow/abide by all GRP Wegman safety contraction policies.
Greenville, IL 02-MAY-2024

0230760.00 Village of Anchor, Illinois - Elevated Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation of the 50,000-gallon elevated water storage tank interior and exterior coatings.
Anchor, IL 03-MAY-2024