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0181691.02 Shawnee Community College - Boiler Replacement - Main Campus
The work includes replacement of existing equipment with minor modifications to existing roof, piping, power and controls. The work also includes installation of new concrete equipment pad.
Ullin, IL 26-FEB-2020

0170677.08 Robinson CUSD #2 - Robinson CUSD #2 Lincoln Elementary School Masonry Repairs
The project consists of all trade work required to remove existing face brick and install a new layer of face brick with new masonry lintels, flashing, drainage, insulation and accessories, remove the existing concrete stoop at the means of egress by the boiler flue chimney on the east side of the façade and replace it with new concrete, and install new metal roof coping and roof edge flashing
Lincoln Elementary School, 301 E Poplar Street, Robinson, IL 62454 27-FEB-2020

0170677.07 Robinson CUSD #2 - Robinson CUSD #2 High School Gym Floor & Underdrainage
The project consists of all trade work required to replace the existing gym floor with new wood flooring system, adding underfloor ventilation, and to make additional storm sewer connections through the foundation system to the perimeter storm sewer tie-in locations for the existing building
Robinson High School, 2000 North Cross Street, Robinson, IL 62454 27-FEB-2020

0191882.00 Woodford County Housing Authority - South Haven Drainage Improvements
Work includes minor grading, trench drain and sidewalk work.
Minonk, IL 27-FEB-2020

0180154.00 City of El Paso - El Paso WWTP Aerator Replacement Electrical Work
Project consist of the installation of all appurtenances, wiring, and connections required for the replacement of the El Paso WWTP aerators.
El Paso WWTP 28-FEB-2020

0191075.00 Danville Public Building Commission - PSB Roof Replacement
The Project consists of all trade work required to provide roofing replacement which will include the complete tear-off down to roof decking as identified in the Construction Documents located at the Danville Public Safety Building.
Danville, IL 03-MAR-2020

0181766.00 The State of Illinois, Capital Development Board (CDB) - Resurface Parking Lots
Work shall include removal of portions of existing concrete pavement along with milling asphalt parking areas. Removed areas of concrete parking lots to be replaced with 8" PC Concrete pavement doweled into existing pavement. Bituminous parking lots to receive leveling binder, reflective crack control treatment type A, HMA surface and paint markings to delineate parking spaces.
Heartland Community College, Normal, IL 05-MAR-2020

0191100.00 The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois - State Farm Center - NE Parking Lot Reconstruction
Improvements for the U19082 State Farm Center - NE Parking Lot Reconstruction project will consist of full depth base repair and new asphalt pavement at areas of failed or substandard existing asphalt pavement. Other existing asphalt or concrete areas will be overlaid with a new asphalt wearing surface and area reflective crack control treatment. The northernmost perimeter drive aisle will be reconstructed with porous asphalt pavement and underdrain drainage improvements as indicated in the plans. Noncompliant accessible parking and walkways will be retrofitted with an asphalt overlay or reconstructed in concrete to make all grades compliant with current accessibility codes. Reconstruction of additional sidewalk and pavement areas, as well as a trench drain preventing stormwater runoff from leaving the northwest corner of the lot, will be included as bid alternates for the project.
NE Parking Lot of the State Farm Center, 1800 South First Street, Champaign, Illinois 10-MAR-2020

0190816.00 Village of Arthur - Arthur WWTP Clarifier Replacement
Replacement of the Clarifier and associated equipment.
Arthur, IL 13-MAR-2020

0191926.00 Pleasant Valley Public Water District - Limestone Walters Public Water District
Rehab of the District's 100,000 Gallon Elevated Water Storage Tank
Peoria 13-MAR-2020

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