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0221822.00 Village of Phoenix, IL - DCEO Sidewalk and Fire Hydrant Repairs Program
Remove and replace approximately 2,800 square feet of sidewalk and six fire hydrants located throughout the Village.
Phoenix, IL 26-JUN-2024

0220523.00 Village of Carlock, Illinois - Carlock Well #4 - Division A, B, C
Division A – New Well #4, 10-inch diameter finish at 380 feet with pitless adapter and 150 gpm pump installed.
Division B – Electrical. Provide electrical work necessary complete from new Ameren pole placed at new well. Control panel to be provided by third party integrator. Diesel powered generator specified to be bid as alternate price.
Division C – Connect new well by installation of a new raw water main to connect to existing RWM, valve manhole and hydrant assembly.
Carlock, IL 28-JUN-2024

0220341.01 The State of Illinois, Capital Development Board - CDB Illinois State Police Radio Communications Tower/Building
Furnish and install a 300-ft self-supporting communication tower, communication equipment building and ancillary components such as security fencing, a back-up generator, access roads, required electrical upgrades, horizontal boring for fiber optic cable connections/equipment and any necessary civil work or foundations associated with the work in Monmouth. Furnish and install fiber optic cabling and equipment at ISP District 14 Headquarters in Macomb.
Monmouth & Macomb, IL 09-JUL-2024

0240632.00 North Pekin-Marquette Heights School District 102 - Georgetowne Door Replacements
This project consists of door and frame replacements along with door hardware. Some locations will require electrical and low voltage for card access at two locations.
Marquette Heights, IL 09-JUL-2024

023MUN0222.00 City of Calumet City - 2023 Green Alley MWRD Partnership Program
Reconstruction of 4 alleys totaling approximately 2,200 feet in length to convert alleys from gravel surface to permeable paver. Work specifically will include the removal of existing aggregate, reconstruction of driveway aprons and reconstruction of alley to provide an 8” concrete edging with permeable paver interior. Work will also include installation of a single dry well and an observation well at each alley along with restoration.
Calumet City 10-JUL-2024

0231721.00 Bloomington Normal Airport Authority - CIRA Industrial Park Utility Extensions DCEO Mega-Sites Grant
This project consists of sanitary sewer and watermain extensions at the following locations: (Base Bid) East side of Abraham Road, south of Ireland Grove Road and (Alternate Bid) Tullamore Avenue, south from its southern terminus. Approximate total scope of improvements: 8 inches to 21 inches, 5,200 linear feet of sanitary sewer and 8 inches to 16 inches, 7,000 linear feet of water main and various appurtenances.
Bloomington, IL 12-JUL-2024