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020MUN0080.00 City of Lexington - City of Lexington North Douglas Street Imp.(PAVEMENT)
Construction of approximately 250 feet of North Douglas St. and 374 feet or right-turn lane on PJ Keller Hwy. Consists of 333 ft of storm sewer and culvert, 2 inlets, 1 man-hole, 3 flared end sections, 650 ft of B-6.18 curb & gutter, 2,103 SQ YD Aggregate Base Course, 1,390 SQ YD PCC Pavement 8 3/4", 366 SQ YD HMA Base Course, 49 tons HMA Surface & Binder course, 181 SQ YD HMA Shoulders, 8", 177 SQ YD Aggregate Shoulders, Type B 8", various removals, & other appurtenant work.
City of Lexington 31-MAR-2020

0200369.00 North Pekin/Marquette Heights School District #102 - Georgetowne Re-Roof
The project consists of the re-roof of the existing 22,000sf Eastern portion of Georgetowne Middle School.
Marquette Heights, IL 02-APR-2020

0180918.00 Village of Lovington, Illinois - Village of Lovington, IL Water System Improvements
Div. A - Furnishing and installation of water system piping PVC, fittings, Valves, Hydrants, Services, and appurtenances for potable water.
Div. B - Removal replacement and testing of filter media, remove and replace the filter valves. Furnishing materials, equipment, and labor to install and test the ion exchange softening system, remove and replace the softener valves as specified.
Div. C - Furnishing and installation of new Badger Recordall Disc Meters with HR-E LCD Encoder, with ORION Cellular Endpoint at various locations in the Village.
Lovington, IL 61937 09-APR-2020

0190932.00 City of Chenoa - City of Chenoa Division Street Water Main Replacement
The project consists of construction approximately 1,320 feet of 8-inch diameter PVC water main.
City of Chenoa, Illinois 09-APR-2020

0191802.00 Town of Normal - Town of Normal, Jersey Ave. Water main Replacement 2020
Jersey Avenue Water Main Replacement 2020
Town of Normal, Illinois 09-APR-2020

0181653.00 Village of Garrett, Illinois - Village of Garrett, IL Water Tower Rehabilitation
Surface preparation, painting, and finishing of interior and exterior surfaces and items associated with the Village's 25,000 gallon water tower.
Village of Garrett 09-APR-2020

0170494.00 City of Havana - Havana Business Park Phase 2
The project consists of the installation of approximately 1,978 LF of 8-inch C900 water main and appurtenances, 1,775 LF of 10-inch PVC sanitary sewer, 8-sanitary sewer manholes, 300 LF of 12-inch storm sewer, 778 LF of 18-inch storm sewer, 12 storm inlets, 7 storm manholes, a stormwater retention basin, and approximately 1,100 LF of HMA pavement.
Havana, IL 14-APR-2020

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