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High School Kitchen-Cafeteria Remodel
Project Number: 0191667.00

Client: Midwest Central CUSD #191

Location: 1010 S. Washington St., Manito, IL 61546    

Description: This project consists of a complete renovation of an existing high school kitchen and partial cafeteria renovation work. Work includes providing all labor, supervision, materials, supplies, transportation, tools/equipment, services and associated work, including all trades, for this project as set forth in the contract documents.

Estimate: Not Available

Pre-Bid Date/Time:21-JAN-2020, 1:30 PM Central Time
Pre-Bid Location:Midwest Central High School
910 S. Washington St.
Manito, IL 61546

Bid Date/Time: 04-FEB-2020, 2:00 PM Central Time
Bid Location: Midwest Central CUSD No. 191
District Office
1010 S. Washington St.
Manito, IL 61546

Project Manager: Aaron Neal

Project Contact: Aaron Neal  (


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