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0190929.00 United Church Homes - Spoon River Tower - Renovations Phase 1
The project consists of the replacement of the entire EPDM roof including coping, flashings and terminations. A smaller area of lower standing seam roof will be replaced including the associated flashing. The project also contains demolition of EIFS and a new EIFS system to be installed on certain end walls of the multistory building. The storefront entry system will also be replaced. Please review the bidding drawings for the complete package.
Lewistown, Illinois 08-OCT-2020

0201317.00 Mt. Pulaski Park District - Mt. Pulaski Pool Main Drain
Excavation of the existing pool main drain piping to adjust existing alignment to allow for gravity drainage to the existing lift station. Restoration consisting of structural backfill, concrete paving and seeding will be necessary.
Mt. Pulaski, IL 16-OCT-2020

0191023.01 DeWitt County Housing Authority - Window Replacement at the Webster Apartments
Project generally including all labor, supervision, materials, supplies, transportation, equipment and services necessary and required as set forth in the Contract Documents.
Clinton, IL 20-OCT-2020

0170479.00 City of Atlanta - City of Atlanta Proposed South Empire St. Roadway Construction
This work includes all labor, supervision, materials, supplies, transportation, equipment and services necessary and required to construct approximately 516 feet of concrete pavement and curb with lime stabilized base.
City of Atlanta 02-NOV-2020

0191613.00 Village of Gridley - Gridley Pool Mechanical Building Modifications
The project shall consist of the modifications/replacement of the existing pool mechanical equipment including the pool heater, filter, recirculation pump, piping, valves, accessories, electrical and control panels and lighting. All permitted work covered by Illinois Department of Public Health must be completed by a pre-qualified contractor with IDPH for the construction of swimming facilities in Illinois.
Gridley, Illinois 12-NOV-2020

0170042.00 City of East Peoria - City of East Peoria Wastewater Treatment Plant Imp. WWTP #1 Ph D.
The project consists of major repair, rehabilitation, and new improvements at the City of East Peoria Wastewater Treatment Plant #1.
East Peoria, IL 19-NOV-2020

0190839.00 Rides Mass Transit District - New Administration Facility
This project consists of construction of a new building that has a total square footage of 5,013 SF. The structure is to be wood construction. The foundation and floor shall be cast-in-place concrete. Also required will be sitework, new HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.
1304 Frank Leberman Road, Harrisburg, IL 62946 20-NOV-2020

0181819.00 City of Mt. Pulaski - Elkhart Road Forcemain Replacement
The project consists of the jack and bore installation of steel casing through railroad property, installation of forcemain and connection to existing forcemain and lift station.
Mt. Pulaski 24-NOV-2020

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